Welcome to my new website! 

This seems like quite a scary venture in life. I have spent the last three and a half years watching other peoples vlogs and reading the odd blog that I have now decided to take the plunge myself. I have tied in my new venture with the start of my Slimming World journey, after years of being on the diet roller coaster I am really hoping this time I will stick to it and reach my goal loss of 3 stone.

I am hoping that with me documenting my food, exercise, weigh in loss and gains that it will really push me to not only be good but to finally stick at it for once.

Along with the weight loss, I shall do some lifestyle, family and renovation blogs. We moved into our new home in August 2017 and it required quite a lot of work, we have worked hard and with the help of various tradesmen it is slowly starting to look and feel like home.

As my eldest daughter enjoys making vlogs, I am sure she will make the odd appearance and it may even be her who initially starts the vlogging for us!

Hope you all join us on the new venture



Why Blogging / Vlogging

Why did I decide to start blogging / vlogging?

Back in 2014 whilst pregnant with our second child I found myself with a little bit of extra time on my hands (the irony of that sentence now still makes me chuckle to myself) and through a lovely Facebook group that had been set up for people due babies around the same time as myself, I stumbled across the YouTube world of Mummy vloggers, more specifically ‘Mrs Meldrum’.

Mrs Meldrum was due Florence around the same time that I was due and I found watching her pregnancy updates very intriguing, I liked how her and Lee did their gender revel and how I often felt the same as she did.

In a way I related to how we were both adjusting to life with two girls and before long I became ‘hooked’ on watching other YouTube mums.

I considered doing my own blog back in 2014 but, I seemed to of suddenly gone from having spare time to no time, My girls seemed to just swallow up every second of my day.

I plodded along just watching other You Tubers and taking notes for when / if the time ever arose for me to follow in their footsteps.

So why has it taken me almost 3 years to finally take the plunge and join the every growing world of You Tubers?

For me now just felt like the right time. My work / home life balance seems to of reached a point where I feel I can commit to writing blogs as often as I can and filming / editing videos once a week without adding too much pressure to myself.

I have also gone through some personal things during the 3 years of contemplating blogging and I hope that by writing my experiences down I can help other women who may find themselves in similar situations.

You could also say I have become a sheep and am now following the latest trend!

Whilst I am still growing my confidence in front of a camera and learning how to edit, I do know in my heart that I made the right choice. If things don’t work out for me then at least I can say I gave it a go.

I am looking forward to the adventures this new journey will bring for us and often wonder where we will end up but, for now I thank you all for reading my blogs, following us on Social Media and watching us over on YouTube but mostly for your continued support.

We would love for you to head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe.